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 Freefloat rail for dpms oracle??
silentblades  [Member]
8/17/2011 3:16:49 AM
Ok I do not want to remove the gas block. Is there a free float rail that I can use that just goes over the gas block currently installed?? Thanks
DanNH  [Team Member]
8/17/2011 3:47:06 AM

silentblades  [Member]
8/17/2011 4:38:26 AM
So with first one i would have to cut delta ring. The dpms oracle has a railed gas block. Would it jus fit over that?
DanNH  [Team Member]
8/17/2011 4:58:41 AM
My bad. I forgot it didnt have a front sight post.

That first one will fit right between the gas block and the upper. It won't cover it though. If you want a full length rail then you'd have to get a low profile gas block.

ETA: its a 2 piece design so itll clamp on the barrel nut from both sides. you wont have to slide it over anything.
silentblades  [Member]
8/17/2011 5:04:50 AM
Ok so would mounting a flip up sight drastically decrease my accuracy since its behind the gas block?
DanNH  [Team Member]
8/17/2011 5:13:59 AM
Generally a decreased sight radius means decreased accuracy. I wouldn't do it, but that doesn't mean you cant. No reason to hamper yourself by putting it on the rail though. If i were you i would just find a front sight that is made for gas blocks and it will be the right height.

Remember not to put the MBUS on it, people say itll melt since its plastic and the gas block will get hot.

ETA: the gas block sits a bit lower than the plane the rear sight is on. they make sights that are taller to compensate. see this difference of heights in the pic below.

silentblades  [Member]
8/17/2011 5:20:03 AM
Ok ill give those a shot. Best place to buy them?
DanNH  [Team Member]
8/17/2011 5:23:51 AM
There's a bunch of different companies making them. I'd just start googling 'gas block mounted front sight' and see what pops up. Start looking around and see what you like at the best price.
silentblades  [Member]
8/17/2011 5:30:12 AM
So the ffg would be the one to get. Since my gb sits lower than rail.
DanNH  [Team Member]
8/17/2011 5:31:41 AM

also, you will be able to find them cheaper than on the MI website so look around for a better price if those are the ones you are going to order
8/17/2011 7:52:01 AM
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silentblades  [Member]
8/19/2011 6:36:56 PM
Just to be clear these do flip forward is that their normal position? Thanks