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 Sheath for Eskabar / BK14
ToyCollector  [Member]
12/3/2010 8:29:34 PM
I recently picked up an Eskabar. I like the blade but the sheath that comes with it is horrible. Can you suggest where I can get a Kydex (or similar) sheath? Primary use would be for a neck knife but the option to clip onto a belt would be a bonus.
Reorx  [Member]
12/3/2010 9:07:36 PM
What's wrong with the sheath? I have a BK11 and BK14 - they share the same sheath... I think the sheath is small, light, and effective - that's the whole idea with a neck knife. In addition, the sheath does a nice horizontal belt carry with a minor paracord modification...

ToyCollector  [Member]
12/3/2010 9:33:52 PM
My issue with the supplied sheath is that it rattles and seems larger than it needs to be. It looks like the blade pocket is nothing like the actual profile of the Eskabar. Compared to the sheath for the Izula which is relatively compact and has a snug and rattle free hold of the knife,the Eskabar sheath is lacking, in my opinion. I like the blade but would like to get a better sheath. Any recommendations on companies that make custom sheaths or have pre-made sheaths for the Eskabar would be appreciated.
Reorx  [Member]
12/3/2010 9:52:09 PM
Fair enough... The EsKabar is a relatively new "creation"... I haven't heard of any aftermarket sheath manufacturers making a sheath for it yet... custom kydex molders can make a sheath for it - there are some here and some on bladeforums. Good luck!
ToyCollector  [Member]
12/3/2010 11:30:13 PM
Thanks Reorx. If you have any names of sheath makers...please post here or send me an email or PM.
Reorx  [Member]
12/3/2010 11:36:59 PM
I don't know any specifically but there is a "Sheaths & Such" sub-forum on BladeForums (link). Have a look around (there's a sticky thread called "Master list of Sheathmakers" at the top of the first page) or post a question there - should get the ball rolling...

Good luck - post a photo of the finished sheath!
ToyCollector  [Member]
12/4/2010 8:16:12 PM
Thanks! That is just what I was looking for.